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Big Gun (ACDC) Mp3 Song

ACDC Big Gun Mp3 Song Download

ACDC Big Gun Mp3 Song Listen Online, ACDC Big Gun Song download in 320 kbps bitrate from crazzysongs. The ACDC Big Gun is a song from the Australian rock band, ACDC. It was written by Angus Young and Malcolm Young. The song is about a person who has killed someone with an AK-47 and is running for their life.
The song starts off with an intro of a gun being loaded, then shooting and killing someone. The intro lasts for about 17 seconds before it moves into the next section of the song which is in D major. There are two verses in this section, where the singer sings about how he killed someone with an AK-47 and how he’s running for his life, hoping that they don’t catch him. He also sings about how he’s going to have to kill again if they do catch him. The first chorus follows after this verse and it’s sung in A major. It talks about what happened to him when he was younger and how he changed his ways when he grew up so that he could be free from all of the violence
ACDC Big Gun Mp3 Song Song Name: Big Gun
Singer: ACDC
Genre: Hard Rock & Heavy Metal
Mp3 Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Size of File: 4.45 MB
Release Date: 1993 May 24