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Honestly, Nevermind (Drake) Mp3 Songs

Honestly, Nevermind (Drake) Album Mp3 Songs Download

Drake – Honestly, Nevermind Album Mp3 Songs Download in 320 Kbps. Drake’s latest album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” is a reflection of his personal life. His music and lyrics are honest and raw. The album is a mix of different genres that touch on the topics of love, fame, and family.

The first song on the album is “Falling Back” It starts off with Drake talking to his therapist about how he feels like he can’t stop working because he has so much to prove. He then talks about how hard it is for him to be in a relationship because he never knows when people are going to leave him.
Honestly, Nevermind (Drake) Album Mp3 Song Album Name: Honestly, Nevermind
Singer: Drake
Genre: Dance, House, Baltimore Club
Mp3 Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Size of File: 101.52 MB
Release Date: 2022 June 17

Honestly, Nevermind (Drake) TrackList

1. Intro
2. Falling Back
3. Texts Go Green
4. Currents
5. A Keeper
6. Calling My Name
7. Sticky
8. Massive
9. Flight’s Booked
10. Overdrive
11. Down Hill
12. Tie That Binds
13. Liability
14. Jimmy Cooks (feat. 21 Savage)