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Queen – A Kind of Magic (1986)

Queen – A Kind of Magic (1986)
Artist: Queen
Origin: UK
Album: A Kind of Magic
Genre: Hard Rock
Year: 1986
Format: MP3 320kbps
Size: 128.48 MB

Queen – A Kind of Magic (1986) TrackList

01. One Vision
02. A Kind of Magic
03. One Year of Love
04. Pain Is So Close to Pleasure
05. Friends Will Be Friends
06. Who Wants to Live Forever
07. Gimme the Prize
08. Don’t Lose Your Head
09. Princes of the Universe
10. A Kind Of ‘A Kind of Magic’
11. Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends…
12. Forever

About Queen – A Kind of Magic (1986) :
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Queen – A Kind of Magic (1986) is a great album that showcases the band’s diversity.

The album features the use of synthesizers and drum machines, which was a departure from their earlier recordings. It also includes one of their most famous songs, “One Vision”.