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Ramones – Animal Boy (1986)

Ramones – Animal Boy (1986)
Artist: Ramones
Album: Animal Boy
Genre: Rock Punk
Year: 1986
Format: MP3 320kbps
Size: 85.74 MB

Ramones – Animal Boy TrackList

01. Somebody Put Something In My Drink (7.87 MB)
02. Animal Boy (4.31 MB)
03. Love Kills (5.40 MB)
04. Apeman Hop (4.76 MB)
05. She Belongs To Me (9.00 MB)
06. Crummy Stuff (4.84 MB)
07. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg) (9.14 MB)
08. Mental Hell (6.12 MB)
09. Eat That Rat (3.79 MB)
10. Freak Of Nature (3.59 MB)
11. Hair Of The Dog (5.42 MB)
12. Something To Believe In (9.45 MB)

About Ramones Animal Boy (1986) :
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Animal Boy is one of the best albums of the Ramones, and is a classic in punk rock. A must-listen, especially if you’re a fan of the Ramones or punk rock in general. There are few if any better punk albums than this one.
“Animal Boy” is arguably the most classic and well-known song in the Ramones’ back catalog, an instant classic that’s a song that everyone knows and instantly has a personal connection to. The song is a pop punk anthem that celebrates the band’s DIY mentality, it’s rebellious (in a good way), and it’s one of the most beloved songs in the band’s discography. It stands out as one of the first songs in the punk genre in which the lyrics are unintelligible (in a good way), and it helped to popularize the term “punk rock” in