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The Police – Synchronicity (1983)

The Police – Synchronicity (1983)
Artist: The Police
Origin: UK
Album: Synchronicity
Genre: New Wave, Post Punk
Year: 1983
Format: MP3 320kbps
Size: 103.49 MB

The Police – Synchronicity TrackList

01 – Synchronicity I
02 – Walking In Your footsteps
03 – Oh My God
04 – Mother
05 – Miss Gradenko
06 – Synchronicity II
07 – Every Breath You Take
08 – King of Pain
09 – Wrapped Around Your Finger
10 – Tea in the Sahara
11 – Murder by Numbers

About The Police Synchronicity (1983) :
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Synchronicity is the third album by the Police, released in 1983 on A&M Records. It was recorded at AIR Studios on the island of Montserrat, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean.

The album’s title derives from the phenomenon of synchronicity, a concept introduced by psychologist Carl Jung to describe coincidences that seem to be meaningfully related. The album’s cover art features a series of numbers and symbols which were meant to be a secret code that could be deciphered by listeners.