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Get Scared – Everyone’s Out To Get Me (2013)

Get Scared – Everyone’s Out To Get Me (2013)
Artist: Get Scared
Origin: USA
Album: Everyone’s Out To Get Me
Genre: Post Hardcore, Alternative Rock
Year: 2013
Format: MP3 320kbps
Size: 103.55 MB

Get Scared – Everyone’s Out To Get Me TrackList

01 Told Ya So
02 For You
03 My Nightmare
04 Badly Broken
05 At My Worst
06 Get Out While You Can
07 God Damn Liar
08 Us in Motion
09 Cunning, Not Convincing
10 The Strangest Stranger
11 Stumbling in Your Footsteps
12 When We Were Strong

About Get Scared Everyone’s Out To Get Me (2013) :
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The third and final album from this band is called Get Scared – Everyone’s Out To Get Me. It came out in 2013, so there wouldn’t have been many people who had heard of it then. But, as it happens, it was their last one. They split up a few months later. Why? Because the music scene at that time wasn’t what they needed it to be and they couldn’t keep going with their dream without anyone listening to them or helping them get the recognition they deserved. That seems like a shame but that’s really how things went for them. They had to call it a day because they couldn’t meet all those standards and expectations any more than you can meet them if you want something or you believe in yourself enough to work towards achieving your goal whatever that may be. On another note, let me tell you about this band too before we finish with them: They were all from North Carolina (USA) and they played punk rock like The Exploited and The Misfits; not some other stuff like Green Day or Blink-182 either because everyone knows those bands created pop punk and not real punk rock. There were two guitarists, two bassists and two drummers in this band and each of these had his own songs on this album which took roughly 30 minutes to listen to in total length (the shortest track was called “Smack Down”). At least that means there